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Urbanization in cities and towns has transformed the way we live and it has brought a wealth of comfort to us, but with a cost. The air we breathe has become highly polluted and toxic. It has resulted in numerous health issues including heightened risk of lung cancer amongst numerous other serious ailments. The impact is much worse on children, especially infants as their lungs and internal organs are still delicate and susceptible to damage with long-term consequences.

Moreover, the criticality of air pollution among children gets amplified by the fact that they take in more oxygen as they have a higher respiration rate. Since they inhale more air per unit of body weight in comparison to adults, clean air is the utmost necessity for their overall development. Now, in an ideal condition where the air is pure and healthy, it will aid in the faster development of vital body organs in a child ensuring a long & healthy life. While in reality, the toxic air that these children breathe in does the opposite and affect their future, which is not instantly visible.

The healthy life that every mother imagines for her child goes out of the window due to these invisible and not commonly known dangerous effects of air pollution. As a result, the chances of a lung getting damaged increases and its capacity may also reduce significantly. Air pollution is also found to be an increasing cause of lethargy, lack of concentration, and absenteeism in kids.

Every mother imagines and wants the best nutrition for her child, which she may even provide through healthy foods and supplements, but, nobody thinks about the air that kids breathe, especially when it comes to indoor air pollution. They may not even have much information about the measures that they can take to protect their child from indoor air pollution, which is found to be up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. It is just a matter of awareness that will not only help a mother guard her child from air pollution, but further pass on this vital survival information to the future generation.

Blueair, world’s leading air purifier brand from Sweden, recognizes the importance of providing a safe environment for the future torch bearers of our nation. They believe that disseminating critical information and spreading awareness on the effect of air pollution on children will immensely help parents in ensuring that their children stay safe and grow up to be healthy.

With that thought, Blueair has come up with Blueair Champions campaign. It is a contest that is being run for children to impart them education about the health hazards of air pollution while encouraging their young minds to think and share creative ideas to clean the polluted air around them. The campaign will also make parents aware on the urgent need of combating air pollution, especially indoors, for ensuring a long and healthy life of their children.

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